"Sevilla Flamenca"
Juan Lorenzo / Flamencolibre

Josè Luis Salguero (Huelva)
Juan Lorenzo
Federico Pietroni
Sabrina Logue
Dario Carbonell
Pilar Carmona
baile / palmas / castanuelas

There are many towns in Andalusia. In every one there are different habits and customs and consequently different styles of "flamenco". The style of Sevilla – Andalusia chief town – is the most ancient and richest one.
The performance is based on Sevilla flamenco:
the first part is mainly played by the concert guitar, the second by "cante y baile" – singing and dancing -.
The "baile" is mainly "Sevillanas": a typical dance of the "Feria de Abril", the "fiesta" where all citizens of Sevilla dance and sing together.
Moreover an actress recites some poems from G. Lorca and at the end of the performance all the artists improvize and have fun together "Fin de Fiesta".